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Ethereum (ETH)

0.05 VEROS

The ticket price is 0.01 ETH


209999 VEROS

The ticket price is 100 VRS

Selling ends 15 minutes before draw time.

The best blockchain lottery

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All bets are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, which everyone can view openly. There is no possibility for the XOTTO game operator to influence the draw, because everything happens automatically, executed under the supervision of the smart-contract.


After the lottery winning numbers are drawn, the jackpot winnings will automatically be transferred to your digital wallet without any further operations. NO legal binding contracts is needed in such circumstance. You will get your VEROS almost instantly.


The winning numbers are randomized with numbers from 1 to 49.
The results of the the draw will be announced on our website. The XOTTO players will be informed about the draws result via email.

What is VEROS?

What is VEROS? How can you get it?
You can learn more about VEROS here:

Download the VEROS mobile wallet from Apple AppStore or Google Play. Or, you can use the web-wallet available at
Straight from the application you can create your VEROS address. Enter you email address so you can recover your password later on. Save your address and share it in order to receive VEROS.
You can buy VEROS with Bitcoin or credit card on and Enter a buying order and then withdraw the VEROS to your mobile or web wallet.
After selecting your numbers, you can easily pay with VEROS by scanning the QR or by sending 100 VRS to the displayed address.

Past draws

See all past lottery draws.

  • 21.02.2017 - Prize pool: 20,700 VRS

    Winning numbers:

    1 7 13
    29 32 44


    2 tickets on 4th category (3 of 6): 414 VRS

  • 23.02.2017 - Prize pool: 38,327.32 VRS

    Winning numbers:

    13 15 16
    32 34 46


    4 tickets on 4th category (3 of 6): 851.71 VRS

  • 25.02.2017 - Prize pool: 47,588.04 VRS

    Winning numbers:

    4 12 19
    20 25 26


    No winners.

  • 28.02.2017 - Prize pool: 47,621.62 VRS

    Winning numbers:

    15 20 24
    34 42 44


    1 ticket on 3rd category (4 of 6): 2,381.08 VRS
    2 tickets on 4th category (3 of 6): 952.43 VRS

  • 02.03.2017 - Prize pool: 54,485.14 VRS

    Winning numbers:

    6 13 31
    42 43 45


    1 ticket on 4th category (3 of 6): 1,210.78 VRS

  • 07.03.2017 - Prize pool: 56,226.71 VRS

    Winning numbers:

    2 14 18
    19 40 43


    No winners!

  • 09.03.2017 - Prize pool: 70,167.71 VRS

    Winning numbers:

    17 19 25
    35 41 44


    2 tickets on 3rd category (4 of 6): 1,754.19 VRS
    1 ticket on 4th category (3 of 6): 1,403.35 VRS

How to play?

  • Select your numbers
  • Buy the ticket
  • Wait for the draw
  • Receive your prize
  • Select your numbers

    Select your lucky 6 numbers, from 1 to 49 directly on our website. After selecting you numbers, enter a valid email address to receive notifications about your ticket.

    Proceed to payment by pressing the Buy Ticket button

  • Buy your ticket

    The price of a XOTTO ticket is 100 VEROS. If you don't have VEROS, you can buy online at or You can easily create a web-wallet at

    XOTTO shows you a QR and a wallet address to which you need to make the transfer. All sales proceedings will automatically be added to the jackpot.

    You don't need to enter any additional information about yourself in order to collect the prize, since all the earnings will be automatically sent to your wallet.

  • Wait for the draw

    After buying the ticket, the XOTTO Ethereum smart-contract will mine the ticket into the blockchain and provide you a ticket number (as a HEX hash).

    You can use the ticket hash as well as you wallet address to verify the numbers of your ticket on the blockchain. You can also validate the amount of VEROS in the jackpot wallet at the draw wallet address.

  • Receive your prize

    After the lottery draws the winning numbers at 9:30 PM on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In less then 4 hours, our team will enter the numbers in the XOTTO smart-contract.

    The smart-contract will automatically process the numbers and pay the winning ticket owners from the jackpot wallet.

    Disregarding if you win or not, you will receive an email notification with the result of the lottery.

Prize pool

The prize pool consists of all ticket sales made for the current lottery. The prize pool is splitted between winners on different categories as well as a small house margin of 10%.

Jackpot winner

The users that match all the 6 numbers receive 70% of the prize pool. If there are multiple winners on this category, the amount will be splitted

5 of 6

The users that match 5 of the 6 numbers receive 13% of the prize pool. If there are multiple winners on this category, the amount will be splitted

4 of 6

The users that match 4 of the 6 numbers receive 5% of the prize pool. If there are multiple winners on this category, the amount will be splitted

Check our source-code

The XOTTO smart-contract is deployed at the following Ethereum address: 0x7e724da82adc6c1b50bb0d55e279e4bd45ec9180.
Check below some functions you can use to interact with the lottery decentralized.

  • How can i buy a ticket?

    Just use the createLotteryTicket function and pass the following parameters:

    • Lottery index
    • Your own Ethereum wallet address
    • number1
    • number2
    • number3
    • number4
    • number5
    • number6
    function createLotteryTicket(address _lotteryTicketOwnerAddress, uint8 _lotteryIndex, uint8 _lotteryTicketNumber1, uint8 _lotteryTicketNumber2, uint8 _lotteryTicketNumber3,uint8 _lotteryTicketNumber4,uint8 _lotteryTicketNumber5,uint8 _lotteryTicketNumber6) returns (uint256 _lotteryTicketNumber) {
    lotteryTickets[lotteryTicketCount] = LotteryTicket(_lotteryTicketOwnerAddress,block.timestamp,_lotteryIndex,_lotteryTicketNumber1,_lotteryTicketNumber2,_lotteryTicketNumber3,_lotteryTicketNumber4,_lotteryTicketNumber5,_lotteryTicketNumber6);

  • How can i check a lottery ticket

    Just use the lottery ticket index to retrieve the owner address and selected numbers. Use the method getLotteryTicketOwnerAddress.
    You can also check the numbers of a ticket by calling the getLotteryTicketNumber method.

    function getLotteryTicketOwnerAddress(uint8 lotteryTicketIndex) constant returns (address lotTicketOwnerAddress) {
    LotteryTicket lotteryTicket = lotteryTickets[lotteryTicketIndex];
    return lotteryTicket.lotteryTicketOwnerAddress;


New jackpot: 10 days 14 hours

Hong Kong time